IEEE Spectrum – 中国科技

IEEE Spectrum六月刊出了一组有关中国科学技术的报道,我对里面两块内容很有兴趣:一是盗 版软件;另一个是关于西部大开发。

盗 版 - Steal the Software”一文的开头是这样的:
When Zhang, a graduate student at Beijing University, decided to upgrade his computer to the Chinese version of Microsoft Windows XP, he knew exactly what to do. A quick search on Google turned up a couple of open-access FTP servers right in Beijing, one in China’s top science school, Tsinghua University, and the other in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Fifteen minutes later, his new operating system was locked and loaded, with a copy of Macromedia’s Flash MX thrown in for good measure. Total transaction cost: $0.

上面基本道出了CERNET的真实情况,顺便点了清华和中科院的名。我觉得有句话可以改一下:“A quick search on Google…”改成“A quick search on”更符合实际情况。


By Ling Zhang


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