Stpi Legal Agreement

October 9th, 2021 7:23 pm

After signing the contract with STPI for the development center Execute True copy of the export contractual commitment concluded with STPI 3. In case of purchase of the property or in the case of a rented property, the stamp duty on the leave and the license agreement for the EOU unit at 100% is concluded with the owner of the building A contract (according to the attached format) must be executed by the company stating that the company would meet certain export standards, as provided for in the Indian Government`s Directive on Imports to Export. Clear identity: where an industrial enterprise operates both as a national entity and as an STP entity, it must have two separate identities with separate accounts, including separate bank accounts. However, it does not need to be a separate legal person, provided that the company keeps separate records of domestic and export sales of EHTP/STP units. Execution of the agreement to create a 100% export-oriented unit – Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) (annual service fee of INR 50,000) The service fee is charged in accordance with the service fee indicated in the application The company must register as an EOB. The following documents are concerned: CURRICULUM VITAE proposed by the CEO / COO / Head of the unit for which registration is requested (according to the attached structure) A brief note on the proposed activities of the Indian company accompanied by that of the holding company (according to the attached structure) Permanent Account Number (PAN) – Corporate tax ID -Department of Income Tax A processing fee of INR 2500 is subject to a draft requirement z Usammen with the user one. Other necessary documents on a case-by-case basis. The documentation and procedure are indicated as follows: units may have as many bank accounts as they wish, but they must designate a single branch of the Bank to which all export documents are submitted. In other words, the processing of all shipping documents and the realization of export earnings must be entrusted to this designated banking subsidiary. In order to enable its members to have effective internal and international communication, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) manages its own communication network. Can be used at the same time as use on STPI 6.

The green card helps the GFV unit to obtain preferential treatment on issues related to the implementation of the project from the central and regional governments This information is intended for units wishing to register with the GfkV, it should not be used for publication or dissemination. Provisional list of domestic imports and capital goods as well as quotation duly certified by the Director, stPI registration certificate and CSF membership certificate. Annual returns to STPI in the form of a performance report showing export performance and the CIF value of imported goods and currencies issued for other expenses, such as travel, etc., are submitted by April 30. The customs authorities may inspect the premises and issue the certificate of private customs warehouses and the manufacture of bonds. . . .

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