Hamilton Wentworth Etfo Collective Agreement

September 22nd, 2021 3:41 pm

The Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary Teachers` Local consists of approximately 2200 elementary school teachers employed by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. HWETL is a subsidiary of the Ontario Elementary Teachers Federation and, as such, a professional organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the cause of publicly funded education, while advocating for the interests and well-being of its members. HWETL is also a union committed to ensuring and maintaining fair and reasonable collective bargaining rights for its members. HWETL strives to engage members while providing professional and personal services to all teachers at Hamilton Wentworth Elementary School. The recognition and respect for diversity allows this organization to act as a single body to fulfill its mission of service to all members and the community. Roger Anderson (Huntington Park)Stephanie Bass (Gatestone)Heather Fudge (Queen Mary) Shideh Houshmandi (Parkdale)Cassandra Mizzi (Ecole Michaelle Jean) Carla Sikora (Chedoke)Peter Weaver (Hillcrest) Président – Jeff Sorensen Email Négociateur en chef/responsable des griefs – Heather Aggus EmailVice President – Cindy Gangaram EmailVice President – Michelle Konior EmailVice President – Michelle Pickett-Hershey EmailTreasurer – Kim Dichazi (Yorkview) Email Secretary- Heidi Flemming (Westwood/ Janet Lee) Ema Il. . .

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