Algonquin College Part Time Collective Agreement

September 11th, 2021 7:51 am

Click here to view the link to the university`s website, which allows you to give anonymous comments on the Board of Directors of the Governors` Executive Compensation Program until February 1. In addition, the instructor may be invited from time to time to contribute to other activities related to the provision of teaching materials, such as. B the acquisition and control of teaching materials and the maintenance and control of teaching materials. Part-time university employees are classified into four groups: Ontario rejects colleges` plan for new “pay executives” the plan advocated would result in many non-unionized employees receive wage increases of 20 to 40 per cent Please click on the following links to view the collective agreements actively negotiated between the parties. part-time jobs in the administration are offset by the “Administration” salary scale. The Algonquin Board of Governors is proposing a salary framework for senior executives (president and vice-presidents) that could provide for salary increases of up to 39% for the college president and 22 to 33% for university vice-presidents. In contrast, average salary increases for full-time faculties have been 1.5% over the past three years. you hit college presidents with a bad grade on their salary proposals, Deb Matthews said she also wanted to send a message of restraint to university and hospital leaders. Please sign this petition for TVO to continue broadcasting on the air. TVO recently decided to disconnect over-the-air stations across Ontario, except for a broadcast mast in the Toronto area. Rural Ontarians are already penalized in many ways by the high cost or lack of access to the internet. For many families in rural and northern areas, tvo over-the-air is an important and sometimes unique part of their television.

TVO over-the-air must be available to Ontarians who cannot afford or access satellite, cable television or the Internet. In addition, the professor may be invited from time to time to contribute to other areas that complement the role of the professor, such as. B student recruitment and selection, calendar, institution design, professional development, student employment and inventory and equipment control. M. Martin took accurate note of the very serious concerns, both about the process and the outcome of the proposed salary increases for university executives.

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