Agreement On An International Energy Programme

September 10th, 2021 11:50 am

Every five years, the IEA reviews a Member State`s energy sector and policy on the basis of the common objectives of the IEA Member States. The objective of the review is to make practical recommendations for future improvements. The in-depth review process also allows the IEA to exchange relevant energy data and policy information between IEA Member States. The IEA was established as the leading international forum for energy cooperation on a wide range of issues such as security of supply, long-term policies, transparency of information, energy efficiency, sustainability, research and development, technological cooperation and international energy relations. New Zealand is an active member of 6 implementing agreements: the IEA holds ministerial meetings every two years to allow ministers to review the secular energy scene, IEA policy and exchanges of views. The IEA`s modernisation has been structured around three pillars: strengthening and strengthening the IEA`s commitment to energy security beyond oil, natural gas and electricity; deepen the IEA`s engagement with key emerging countries; and increased focus on clean energy technologies, including energy efficiency. Through the Ministry of the IEA, the secretariat develops ideas for existing or new work programmes, which will then be discussed with Member States in different IEA committees and finally submitted to the Management Board for approval. Established in 1974 in response to the international oil crisis, the IEA`s primary mission was to coordinate response measures to oil supply emergencies. .

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