Spotify Terms Of Agreement

April 13th, 2021 12:35 am

Third-party app providers (as defined in Spotify`s Terms of Use) may ask you to provide your personal data to access their third-party applications. In such cases, you will be informed either during the registration process, under the terms of use, or in the third-party application`s privacy policy, by registering or registering, or in a similar way. If you visit or sign up for a third-party app, the Information about Spotify User IDENTIFIANT, which is currently the song and play history, queue, library, playlist, country of registration and subscription type (e.g. B Free Service, Unlimited Service or Premium Service) can be transferred, used and stored to third parties. Spotify can also collect information about your physical location and share it with a third party in a third-party app, but we won`t use that information to determine your exact location without your prior consent. The use of your personal data by the third party is subject to the privacy policy of this third-party provider, and Spotify`s use is subject to this privacy policy. Please note that if you decide to remove a third-party application from your Spotify account, it does not necessarily mean that the third party concerned deletes the personal information they have received. Please refer to the privacy statement of the third party concerned to ensure that you understand how they use the personal data you provide them. If you do not want to use your personal data, you should not register or use the corresponding third-party application.

Thank you for the Spotify choice (“Spotify,” “we,” “we,” “our”). By using Spotify, websites or software applications (together the “Spotify service” or “service,” including the purchase or receipt of limited codes or offers, you may enter into a binding contract with our local company in your country of residence (your “local country”) or with the company listed in this table. Your agreement with us includes these terms of use (“Conditions”) and our Privacy Policy (if applicable, with Mobile Terms, “Agreements”). If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not use the service. However, please note that some aspects of your use of the Spotify service may be settled by additional agreements. This could include, for example, access to the Spotify service as a result of a gift card, free or discounted trial versions, or with other services. If an offer is submitted to you for such aspects of your use, you will receive an additional agreement and you will have the option to accept additional conditions. Some of these additional terms are listed on Spotify`s website. To the extent that there is an irreconcilable contradiction between the additional conditions and these conditions, priority is given to the additional conditions. Your agreement with us includes these conditions and all the additional conditions you accept, as explained in the “Comprehensive Agreement” section below, with conditions other than those with third parties (together the “agreements”). The agreements provide conditions for future amendments to agreements, export controls, automatic renewals, liability restrictions, privacy, waiver of class actions and settlement of disputes by arbitration rather than in court.

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