Drone Filming Agreement

April 9th, 2021 2:51 pm

4.2 The customer must pay DMP, fees and other amounts as described and agreed in the offer. All additional work that has not been pre-agreed or has not been included in the first offer is calculated on the basis of “time and rent” calculated on the basis of standard DMP rates (standard half-day/short-term rate at USD 250 – other reasonable expenses). 4.3 DMP reserves the right to amend any offer before both parties accept or rely on new information from either a site survey or prevailing weather conditions, or the agreement of site owners or requirements for additional and/or operational equipment and/or equipment to ensure the safe and professional operation of the Services. 4.4 DMP prices are based on rental and service costs, calculated according to the circumstances of abandonment, location, necessary measures, equipment and necessary operators (pilots, observers, assistants). All rental, service and other fees are calculated on this basis, unless agreed in writing. 1.2 The use of our website is carried out under the following conditions (the “Conditions of Use”). If you do not accept these Terms of Use, please stop using our website immediately. By accessing and using our website, you indicate that you are bound by these terms of use. They are a legal agreement between you and us and can only be amended with our consent. You should be read in conjunction with all the information provided on our website about how our website works and the services available.

Film SF works with pilot/production company to clarify the action and the area requested for filming. Production should provide a diagram (instead of a POA) indicating take-off, trajectory and landing areas. Film SF – UAS/Drone Filming Policy: All drone requests are added to our application for authorization/contract of use. Please send permission documents before or with the use of the drone (details below). All drone flights that are on, departing, in and above the city`s grounds require permission. “Data” encompasses all data collected by the UAS, whether raw or processed, and may include, but are not limited to, photo production, 3D modeling and feature extraction, and can be used for a number of planning, trade, procurement, environment, agriculture and governance requirements. The monitoring of data collected under this agreement, provided it is included in the services provided by the operator, is set out in a separate agreement.

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