Turo Car Sharing Agreement

December 19th, 2020 4:35 pm

In Canada, only certain auto insurers allow their policyholders to participate in carpooling. As of today, the following insurers have agreed to have their vehicles listed to their policyholders and shared on Turo: where, When booking your trip, you have chosen the services for a protection plan, You must immediately report any damage caused to the vehicle you are using in Turo at support.turo.com or at 1-415-965-4525 in the United States, at `44-8081894113 in the United Kingdom or at 888-391-0460 in Canada. If there is a collision, contact the police. They must do everything in their power to obtain evidence of available witnesses and provide turo or third party administrators with a written description of the incident and all other requested information, including the identity and assurance information of all parties involved in the incident. They are also required to participate in any investigation of Turo claims, external claims managers or insurers. After an incident, you can only continue to use the vehicle if you have the express permission of Turo`s staff. If you do not report an incident on time or cooperate with an investigation, it may reduce or invalidate a protection plan received through the Services. As a host, you agree to provide a secure and legally licensed and insured vehicle with up-to-date license plates, a clean title (unreserved/marked/cancelled) and in good mechanical condition. They make such a vehicle available on time, but only for a customer who is registered in the services as a licensed driver for the trip. You are committed to suring that your offers are complete and accurate and that all presentations will be considered in your offers. You will not offer a vehicle or extra option that you do not own or have to share or that cannot be shared with a third party in exchange for compensation under the terms of an agreement, including, but not just a lease or financing agreement. They offer a supplement that is not safe, clean and acceptable for use, it is provided.

They do not offer a vehicle that is the subject of a missing or theft report. They will not offer a vehicle that is subject to a safety recall without properly addressing the issue that is safe. They will not offer a vehicle that is not in good condition (i.e. not “road-related”) at the place where it will be shared and there will be no illegal modification of part of the vehicle. In some jurisdictions, Turo may allow the collection and transfer of certain taxes to or on behalf of hosts or hosts, based on existing and future tax rules, including market intermediaries or car-sharing rules. The amount of taxes collected and transferred by Turo is displayed and shown separately, for both hosts and hosts, on their respective travel documents and invoices. While Turo facilitates the collection and transfer of taxes, Denhosts is not allowed to collect the same taxes on services for their vehicle sharing in this country. If you lose the ability to offer commercial rental insurance to your customers (z.B. your policy has been terminated or not renewed), you must immediately change the condition of your vehicle.

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