Texas Bon Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement

December 18th, 2020 7:12 pm

Tis the season! Check out our list of the best gifts for nurses. For example, this author`s initial maintenance license was acquired in the State of Texas. When I moved to the Commonwealth of Virginia and I was not aware of the rules of compatibility of care, I tried to renew the Texas license. The Texas Board of Nursing told me that I could only continue to work with a Texas license if Texas were my home state. Since my move to Virginia was permanent and Texas and Virginia were compact states, I could only have a license in my state of residence. I was advised to surrender the Texas license and apply for a licence in my new home country. After the Virginia license was granted, the Texas license was revoked. When I returned to Texas a few years later, it was the opposite. … most nurses deal with competent care and only a very small minority are charged with offences. It should be noted that most nurses provide competent care and only a very small minority are charged with offences.

However, in the context of multi-state licensing, these offences are dealt with both at the scene of the offence and in all compact states where the nurse has a licence or a TPP. (NCSBN, 2017). While this can create anxiety for some nurses, it should comfort others that eNLC will not be a way for defective nurses to train under the radar. The provisions of the eNLC significantly reduce the likelihood of a breach of public safety. For decades, the admission of nurses followed a state licensing format, in which a nurse had to obtain a license in each state where the nurse wishes to practice. Depending on the number of states where a nurse wanted to practice, it could be cumbersome and bureaucratic. In addition, the State Boards of Nursing (BON) did not have the power to challenge a nurse`s license when a patient was harmed in the state by a nurse who was practicing remotely from another state (Texas BON, 2013b). What does this mean for nurses? Nurses currently practising in states where the legislation is still pending have nothing to do until the bill is passed. Once the state is part of the eNLC, the state board of directors will reach all nurses registered with the state. Nurses must then ensure that their permanent address is up to date with the state board to determine the compact license.

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