Medical Device Service Agreement

December 13th, 2020 2:58 am

The best time to negotiate capitalization service contracts is at the time of purchase. This is when the hospital will have the greatest leverage because the seller is trying to make a sale on the equipment. If you wait for the warranty to expire, the hospital will be at a disadvantage because it no longer has the leverage to purchase the device from the OEM. Jonathan A. Gaev, CCE, PMP is business line manager for BiomedicalBenchmark™ of the ECRI Institute. The ECRI Institute is an independent, not-for-profit organization with decades of experience reviewing thousands of service contracts for selecTplus™ capital equipment consulting services and BiomedicalBenchmark affiliate programs. Health care cannot be provided without medical devices – and that devices must be in good condition when doctors and patients need them. 6. Other general conditionsThe commission, depending on the manufacturer, manufacturer and model, has other elements of the service contract that must be taken into account when purchasing new devices: what is the availability of spare parts and that they are new or obsolete? How are payment terms structured? What is covered during a service call? SLAs are generally designed in a way that makes it easy to modify or update the agreement over time by the mutual consent of both parties, and generally contain a language that defines how future versions of the agreement are identified with a numbered version scheme (for example. B, SLA v1.0, SLA v2.0, etc.) which allows the parties to do so. , to monitor changes to the contract over time and to ensure that both parties coordinate their activities according to the correct (current) version of the ALA. Stakeholders provide a list of key collaborators for each party, which is expected to be associated with the relationship between the service provider and the client.

Each staff member should be identified on the basis of names, contact information and a brief description of their role or area of expertise, which can be used by the opposing party to identify the appropriate person receiving the communication during the agreement. TractManager often sees this in Stryker surgical chords. Stryker`s various divisions will combine service agreements for performance instruments, endoscopy and electrosurgical generators. These service contracts are generally offered separately, although they are all within the surgical department and with the same provider.

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