Ea Sports Nfl Licensing Agreement

December 7th, 2020 8:18 pm

Electronic Arts` Madden NFL series will remain the only game in the city for some time with regard to football simulation video games. The company announced Thursday that it has agreed to a “several-year” extension of its exclusive licensing agreements with the NFL and nfl players association, closing the door on the possibility that the league will open the simulation license to other game publishers to get into the battle. The financial terms of the extension were not disclosed. Asked about the length of the extension, an NFL representative confirmed to Polygon that the new contract would last “from today” for a period of six years and would extend the contract until May 2026. The representative also stated that the contract contains a provision for a one-year extension at the end. This additional year depends on the achievement of some of EA`s revenue targets, reports Albert Breer of The MMQB. “We share a common vision to expand the football fan community through interactivity and we are pleased to continue our strong partnership with EA SPORTS to make it live more than ever,” said DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director of NFLPA. The union`s renewal was facilitated by OneTeam Partners, which represents the organization`s digital gaming licensing rights organization. Ahmad Nassar, CEO of OneTeam Partners, told Polygon: “This agreement positions the Madden franchise and the NFL players we represent for the next generation of players and games.” The company did not provide financial details or the exact length of the agreement signed for the first time in late 2004 that gave EA the right to use NFL teams and players in their football simulation video games. EA`s sports division currently has 200 million players in its portfolio, Cam Weber, executive vice president of EA Sports, told Reuters. “Building on the most successful year of all time for Madden NFL, it`s a powerful time for EA Sports to meet with the NFL and NFLPA in this new, high-profile partnership,” said Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts. “Together, we have a huge opportunity to entertain more players through new Madden NFL experiences, games in new genres and on new platforms.

, Esports and new innovations that will increase fans` love for the NFL around the world.” The contract expires in May 2026, although the financial terms of the agreement, such as previous contracts between EA and the NFL, have not been disclosed.

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