Artist Management Agreement (With Master Rights)

December 3rd, 2020 6:34 pm

5. Managers may not necessarily receive paid work: a well-written agreement determines the extent of the manager`s responsibilities. He will probably say something like: “The manager will advise and advise artists in all matters related to entertainment activities, including, but not limited to, in conjunction with phonographic recordings, songwriting and music publishing, personal performances… ». (And the way “entertainment activities” are defined can also affect what is included in the director`s commission…) But there will also be another clause that will talk about the fact that the manager is not an employment agent (or even a licensed artist director) and that this manager is not required to provide a job or contract for the artist. The contract also includes a language responsible for paying commissions to booking agencies or other agencies. In some jurisdictions, such as California and New York, a person requires a license when acting as an agent (although New York has an exception for personal managers who obtain “random” work for their clients). The aim is to explicitly define the role of the manager, including the specific activities for which he is responsible and those for which he is not responsible. That is why it is important that both sides are on the same side of the leadership`s role. They should also agree on their collective expectations and goals. Although an oral agreement is sufficient, it is always recommended to have a written management contract to avoid conflicts in the future.

An artist management contract is a document used by artist directors or other agents. The proposed management contract is designed to manage or support an artist`s career. Some documents are also used to enter into contracts with third parties for the benefit of an artist`s career. It can sometimes be an option at the front or back-end to extend the mandate when the manager reaches certain thresholds for the artist. For example, an initial period of 4 years with an option for an additional 2 years may be exerciseable if the manager provides the artist with a large recording contract worth at least 50k and the artist generates gross income of at least 400k during the initial 4-year period.

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