Agreement Fcr Tunisie

December 2nd, 2020 9:03 am

established the tax benefits granted to Tunisians living abroad upon their final return and the conditions for their grant. Citroen Tunisia offers preferential support to Tunisian customers based abroad when buying a Citroen vehicle in Tunisia. lotfi, please explain to us this mission is to place a car under the FCR regime. My question is what is the name of your insurance in Tunisia, because the car I am going to export will be new. Thanks for the answer. The tax benefit associated with the FCR or RS plans is available to Tunisian nationals aged 18 and over. This benefit is granted only once for anyone who has made a minimum stay of 2 years abroad without more than 120 days in Tunisia in a 365-day period. The purchase of the vehicle must take place within a maximum of two years from the date of the final return. This regime allows Tunisians residing abroad to import to Tunisia on their final return: the Tunisian residing abroad, who makes his final return, has the choice between two types of deductibles: I am in divorce court and I wanted to know if I could use my FCR and bring a car to Tunisia without the priority of my exgat The franchise scheme as part of the final return is granted for effects and furniture up to 30,000 Tunisian dinars.

Excluded from the deductible: New: The regularization of the situation of vehicles registered in RS (total deductible system for the final return of Tunisians settled abroad) good day, thank you for your experience. I have a question, beyond the invoice, the purchase order, the car book and the grey card, is there another document or something important to remember? This does not mean to forget a paper or a procedure before arriving in Tunisia. Thank you for your help 3slema, Frankly Bravo, this article is more accurate than that of Tunisian customs. You should keep in mind the editorials of the articles of the site 😉 Thanks in any case. It`s much clearer for my project. FCR, FCR procedure, PROCEDURE FCR, FCR know, FCR Tunisia The request to set the final date of return is useful for those who are forced to leave Or stay there longer, which breaks the conditions of benefits of the final return regime (condition of residence) or for those who have not yet introduced their vehicle or their goods and objects.

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