IBM System Journal – Online Game Technology

March 2nd, 2006 1:40 pm

IBM System Journal Volume 45, Number 1, 2006 – Online Game Technology



On demand operating environment for games


On demand platform for online games

A. Shaikh, S. Sahu, M.-C. Rosu, M. Shea, and D. Saha

p. 7


Running Quake II on a grid

G. Deen, M. Hammer, J. Bethencourt, I. Eiron, J. Thomas, and J. H. Kaufman

p. 21

System-performance modeling for massively multiplayer online role-playing games

M. Ye and L. Cheng

p. 45

Deep computing for games

Using advanced compiler technology to exploit the performance of the Cell Broadband Engine™ architecture

A. E. Eichenberger, J. K. O’Brien, K. M. O’Brien, P. Wu, T. Chen, P. H. Oden, D. A. Prener, J. C. Shepherd, B. So, Z. Sura, A. Wang, T. Zhang, P. Zhao, M. K. Gschwind, R. Archambault, Y. Gao, and R. Koo

p. 59

MPI microtask for programming the Cell Broadband Engine™ processor

M. Ohara, H. Inoue, Y. Sohda, H. Komatsu, and T. Nakatani

p. 85

High-performance server systems and the next generation of online games

B. D’Amora, A. Nanda, K. Magerlein, A. Binstock, and B. Yee

p. 103

Business integration for games

Content protection for games

G. Myles and S. Nusser

p. 119

A context-aware smart-call-center solution: Improving customer service for online games

L. Luo, J. Liu, L. Shao, W. Lu, and M. Ye

p. 145

Online games and e-business: Architecture for integrating business models and services into online games

C. E. Sharp and M. Rowe

p. 161

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